He was born in the city of SALTA CAPITAL, ARGENTINA, on March 25, 1968.
He graduated from the Argentine National Military College as a Second Lieutenant of the Corp of Engineers in 1991. Since then, he has fulfilled functions within the scope of the Army related to his specialty in different Units and Military Institutes.
He was trained as an Overboard Diver of the Argentine Navy. He received the Army Diver Special Aptitude and is a Diving Instructor.
He completed the Advanced Engineers Course at the German Army Engineers School. He participated in exchanges abroad with the School of Engineers and with the Department of Engineers of the Southern Command of the United States Army.
He obtained the titles of Army Staff Officer, Joint Staff Officer of the Armed Forces, Bachelors in Strategy and Organization and is a Specialist in Civil Defense Management and Population Support.
He was appointed as Student Group Chief at Sargento Cabral-School of Non-commissioned Officers of the Army, as 5th Mountain Construction Engineers Company Chief, as 12th Mountain Engineers Battalion Chief, as School of Engineers Director, and as Corp of Engineers Inspector.
He received the Engineers Medal of Merit for obtaining the best graduation average as an Engineer Officer from the Nation's Military College. He also received United Nations (UN) medals for his participation in the Cyprus Mission (UNFICYP) and for his participation in the Iraq-Kuwait Mission (UNIKOM).
He oversaw the doctrinal commission for the elaboration of the Derivative Operational Regulation 04 - 01 “The Corp of Engineers - Guiding Concept” - 2020 Edition.
He is fluent in German and English.
Currently he was appointed as Military Attaché to the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in the United States of America and as representative before the Inter-American Defense Board.

BG JAVIER LORENZO MARTOS is married and has two daughters.