Argentine Military Attaché's Office.





 Military Attaché.- 




 Chief Finance.- 

 LTC  Sergio ROMERO.



 Assistant to the Finance Chief.-




 Chief of Staff.-

 SGM  Andres MEDINA.


Military Attaché


                        The role of the Military Attache’s Office is to fulfill and execute the Armed Forces policies, as an integral member of the Diplomatic Mission to which he belongs.

The coordination of activities of mutual interest between the Argentine Army and the United States of America such as processing visits requests, courses, students’ exchanges, technical commissions, military exercises, special requirements, among others. 

It oversees the preservation of the long-lasting bilateral relations between the Argentine Army and the U. S. Army, through general and detailed knowledge of the country or countries of its jurisdiction, with special attention to the technical-military aspects.

It is in charge of the activities and disciplinary regime of the Argentine Army personnel; military or civilian, who are permanently, transiently or on commission in the United States of America.

It maintains all documents and materials provided by the Dirección General de Inteligencia, Secretaría General del Ejército and/or other Agencies of the Argentine Army. 

Anything related to the accounting administrative aspects is bonded to the Contaduría General del Ejército.

Maintains the long-lasting relationship with Military and Defense Attachés, as well as other representatives of other countries, assigned to the United States of America.

In conclusion, unless expressed otherwise, everything related to the Argentine Army in the United States of America must be processed by and through the Argentine Military Attaché’s Office.