Argentine Military Attaché's Office.


     Military Attaché


            Shall provide counsel to the Head of Mission at the country to which they are assigned and to those who representation has been extended to as well as inform them of the activities they carry out in the framework of their activities, which they must perform as an integral member of the Diplomatic Missions to which they are accredited to and from which they may receive guidance and instructions.

            They must provide support to the Argentine Missions that exist in the country where they perform functions related to their area of competency, to the personnel of the Armed Forces of our country who attend courses in the country where they are assigned, in terms of exchange, unit visits, work in peace operations, and military personnel who, in compliance with official functions, are temporarily in the country where they carry out their activities. They will also inform about the courses offered or available in the country where they perform functions and about those that are currently attended by military personnel sent by Argentina.